Aviva email design

Background colour

All emails must be created using Aviva Yellow (#ffd900) as the predominant background colour for white space areas. This colour should be used to fill side columns of the email giving the impression the template fills the user‘s preview pane.

All content areas, however, such as the main content column should use white (#ffffff) as a background colour to ensure legibility of copy.


Templates must be 600 pixels wide and should utilise a 3 column grid based layout with each column measuring 150 pixels and a 15 pixel padding area. Outer padding should be 18 pixels on all sides.

Email masthead

The masthead for each email must include the Aviva logo, left–aligned and the Aviva sunbeam as a background.

The Aviva logo has a fixed size, position and exclusion zone in the masthead. The exclusion zone should incorporate a minimum of 18 pixels white space to the left and right of the logo and 23 pixels top and bottom.

The Aviva Sunbeam has a fixed size and position in the masthead and must only be used once within each email template. It must be positioned so that no edges are seen at either side of the masthead, allowing the yellow background colour to merge with the background colour of the body.


Headings and body copy should use the Arial font and the following colours:

  • Body copy should utilise Aviva Grey (#333333)
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 headings should utilise Aviva Blue (#004fb6)


All buttons will need to be supplied as images due to the restrictions using background images. Primary call to action buttons must be yellow (such as ‘Get a quote’). There are three sizes available. However, in some instances, buttons may be required to be placed on Aviva yellow backgrounds or gradients. In this case, an alternative solution should be used. Either the Aviva green button or the Aviva silver button should be used in these instances.

Promo pods

Promo pods, if required, should be placed in the right–hand column of the template, and utilise level 3 headings for titles. Copy within a pod should be 12pt Arial with an 18pt line height in Aviva Grey(#333333). Imagery can be used within the pods to supplement the sales message.

Pods may use one of two colour schemes dependant on the prominence required for the content. Standard pods utilise a white background with a 1 pixel border (colour #d1d1d1) and any buttons within these pods should utilise the standard Aviva yellow button. Pods that require more prominence can utilise a yellow gradient (#fae466 to #ffd900) and should then utilise the Aviva white/grey button. If required the yellow pod may also use the Aviva green button to enhance the call to action.