Taxonomic name: BUTTON

Archive - Updated 27/03/17. Current version


Beta v.1.1.3 - Beta v.1.1.5

Redesigned buttons

  • Horizontal padding changed to 30px (from 27px)
  • Border radius changed to 4px (from 5px)
  • Chevron and associated transitions removed from standard button classes
  • Icon buttons updated for download, previous, print and top variants; new next variant added
  • 25% darker tint added for active state
  • Transparent button background/border/font colours updated for better appearance on accent colours
Previous Beta v.1.1.5 design example
Previous Beta v.1.1.5 design examples.

Buttons had reduced horizontal padding (27px), greater border radius (5px), no specific active states and transparent button appearance was not as effective on accent colour tints.

Beta v.1.0.3 - Beta v.1.1.2

Buttons did not have a minimum height of 55px and minimum width of 100px.

Beta v.1.0.0 - Beta v.1.0.2

Button group of three with featured button did not exist.