v.3.0.0 - Updated 11/09/17

Some additional elements that can be used in conjunction with form elements.


Represents the results of a calculation based on a number of inputs or to indicate the current mouse pointer/touch location of the user.

<output name="..." for="..."></output>

Note: This element is not currently supported in any version of IE.


Specifies a pre-defined list of options for an input element. This can be used to provide "autocomplete" type functionality.

<input id="..." list="..." />
<datalist id="...">
	<option value="...">...</option>

Note: This currently has limited cross-browser support but can be used to add enhanced support to users.

Notes for testers

Ensure that all form fields have a correctly associated label. This not only provides context to each field for assistive technology users but also a larger clickable area to select the field.