Taxonomic name: A-CHECKBOX


Archive - Updated 06/12/19. Current version


Following WCAG 2.1 criterion 2.5.5 guidelines the stand alone checkbox has an increased target size to improve accessibility on touch devices.

Following WCAG 2.1 criterion 1.4.3: Contrast (Minimum), font size increases have been made so that all large-scale text has a contrast ratio of at least 3:1.


Pictorial checkboxes are now only shown in 2 columns at desktop to prevent issues with text overflowing due to lack of space.


  • Text font size increased from 16px to 18px to improve accessibility.
  • Inclusion of pictorial checkboxes.


Spacing for groups of two or three checkboxes has been set to match their new radio button equivalents both horizontally and, if multiple decks are used, vertically.

Prior to v.4.0.0

Legends were wrapped with a span tag;.a-label class now applied directly to the legend tag.

<span class="a-label"><legend>...</legend></span>

has been replaced by:

<legend class="a-label">...</legend>

Prior to v.3.0.0

Standalone checkbox variant was not available.