Frequently asked questions panel - right hand side variant

Taxonomic name: O-FAQ-PANEL--RIGHT


Archive - Updated 08/11/19. Current version



The height of the show more/show less links has been adjusted to 44px to improve cross device usability.

The markup for the links within the target content area has been updated to use the shallow tertiary links to improve cross device usability. This change is not required to update from an earlier version of v4 but is highly recommended to ensure WCAG 2.5.5 compliance. The original markup for this area is as follows:

<div class="o-faq-panel-target">
	<h2 class="a-heading a-heading--2 a-heading--semibold o-faq-panel__title">Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
	<div class="o-faq-panel-item__question"><a href="...">...</a></div>


Dependency on jQuery removed.

Prior to v.4.0.0

Was part of the core styling so no additional CSS file(s) were required to be able to use this component.

Prior to v.3.3.0

Was not available for use.