Code setup

Setting up your web pages to use the front-end framework

For an initial setup follow these steps:

  1. Use the HTML structure as specified in the base template.
  2. Where appropriate in the structure place the CDN folder path for the version of the front-end framework you are using.
    Please note: All of the files that you will need are available to link to on the CDN, please do not take any copies.
  3. Look in the documentation to find the HTML structures for the items you would like to add to your page.

    Developers notes

    Within the code examples provided '...' is used where values can be filled in or where more content can be placed. Please ensure all these are removed when used, if there is no value available or required remove the attribute or element completely.

    Tags such as [ Modifier ] have been used within the code examples to show where modifier classes can be added to change the style and/or behaviour of a component. Please remove the [ Modifier ] tags when using the examples.

  4. Keep up to date on new releases. Please see our updates log for details of any changes to the versions available for use.