Framework team reviews

Why ask Framework?

When you're working on new designs (based on Framework or not) you'll probably have questions, such as:

  • Does everything in my design already exist in Framework?
  • What about custom elements, or changes I want to make to existing Framework elements?

By running designs past Framework, you get some benefits:

  • Identify any accidental changes to Framework elements (spacings, text sizes, cards, forms, buttons, etc).
  • Reduce wasted time and effort for your developers by identifying Framework gaps early.
  • The Framework team can sometimes help design and/or build your new requirements.
  • Inform Framework designs to make it a better resource for all products.

How to raise a question

  1. Open the template review ticket ADFA-2458 in your browser.

  2. Clone the ticket to make your unique ticket.

    From the "More" dropdown, select "Clone" from the list of options.

    More and Clone button location
  3. Add a name and create the ticket.
  4. Finally, add a description that includes (where applicable):

    • What you want us to review / what question you have
    • Design assets (Invision links or Sketch files)
    • What the design is trying to achieve (for the customer / for the business)
    • Call out any new components or customisations you've designed
    • Who are the project contacts

Next steps

New tickets are looked at by the Framework team every morning. We'll either give you an answer there and then, or reach out for a chat.