How to raise a defect

Step by step guide:

  1. Access the Aviva Digital Framework - Reported Issues Kanban board.

  2. Select the Bug Template ADFA-2052 and open in a new tab or window.

  3. From the "Actions" dropdown, select "More" then select "Clone" from the list of dropdown options.

    More and Clone button location
  4. Fill in the "Summary" field with an appropriate title, being sure to check the "Clone Attachments" checkbox to include the testing checklist, then select "Create".

    Summary field
  5. Fill in the issue description, add screenshots as attachments (if applicable) and any further comments that will be helpful.

    Description field and attachment
  6. Update the environment field with browser, operating system and platform details.

    Environment field
  7. Update the "Affects Version/s" field with the framework versions affected.

    Affected versions field
  8. The newly raised defect will be triaged the following day at the Framework team's daily scrum.