Reporting bugs

Found a bug?

Great! Every bug we fix improves Framework.

If you want to report it through JIRA, that's great - otherwise feel free to email anyone in our team.

Reporting via JIRA

  1. Access the Aviva Digital Framework - Reported Issues Kanban board.

  2. Open the Bug Template ADFA-2052 in a new tab or window.

  3. Clone the ticket to make your unique ticket.

    From the "More" dropdown, select "Clone" from the list of options.

    More and Clone button location
  4. Add a name and create the ticket.
  5. Fill in the issue description, add screenshots as attachments (if applicable) and any further comments that will be helpful.

    Links to pages showing the defects are particularly useful, but ensure any required login details, steps etc required to get to the defect are included.

  6. Update the environment field with your browser (Chrome, IE, Edge, etc) and operating system (Windows 10, iPhone X, Android, etc).
  7. Update the "Affects Version/s" field with the Framework version affected (if you know it).
  8. The newly raised defect will be triaged the following day at the Framework team's daily scrum.

Next steps

New tickets are looked at by the Framework team every morning. We'll either give you an answer there and then, or reach out for a chat.