Reviews with the Framework team

To enable quicker development, less code fragmentation and cheaper maintenance


When briefing new requirements and during design phases projects should share their designs with the framework to:

  • Reduce costs from code fragmentation by identifying framework gaps early
  • Govern how solutions become available to everyone
  • Removes any accidental fragmentation that creeps in during design
  • Help expose the flexibility of components by creating a dialogue between teams
  • Create a collective knowledge sharing forum for how components get used


  1. Open the template review ticket ADFA-2458 in JIRA.

  2. Clone the ticket to make your unique ticket.

    From the "Actions" dropdown, select "More" then select "Clone" from the list of dropdown options.

    More and Clone button location
  3. Fill out the ticket with the following:

    • Add a description for what the design is trying to achieve both for the customer and the business, any challenges that you may be facing.
    • Share design - Invision links, Sketch files or server links
    • Call out any new components you are looking to add
    • Project contacts
  4. Next steps:

    • New tickets are triaged every day and reviewed by the framework team
    • We'll review your request there and reach out to discuss further or setup a meeting