Icon library

Version 1.0

This library provides links to the official Aviva icon set hosted within the Aviva CDN so that they can be uses in conjunction within the Aviva Framework when developing websites for Aviva; helping with consistency, performance.

  • Designers: Use the download link to aquire the icons you require for your designs.
  • Developers: Use the copy link to aquire the urls for the icons you are required to use in your build rather than hosting a copy of the icon. This will provide you with all the benefits of using the CDN.

This library is currently only accessible with JavaScript available. We are working on a fully accessible version.

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Icon types

Badge icons

Example badge icon

Badge iconography adds focus and interest to a layout. It helps to communicate ideas and it's badge-like qualities lift it from the page, making an instant impact.

Functional icons

Example functional icon

Functional icons are interactive elements and usually used in small spaces. It's important to make sure they are legible and provide clear guidance for users.

Solid icons

Example solid icon

Solid iconography is used in medium to small-sized spaces. It can interest and in from users when perhaps a graphical icon would be too strong. Cards and medium to small sized promotional areas are ideal spaces for solid icons.

System icons

Example system icon

System icons are used to denote interface interaction points, globalisation, social media and payment types.