How to test

Test process

Accessibility testing by its nature can only be automated in part, and as a result it is required to manually walk through the pages of the site testing against our standards.

The design and build phase of a website requires accessibility to be taken into account during the visual design, the information architecture, the template creation, the CMS setup, and the content population. The following tasks should be included in a project:

  • Review templates and key pages against the Aviva accessibility guidelines
  • Manually test your templates and key pages using text–only browsers and screen readers. Also check behaviours of scripting technologies (eg JavaScript and forms) and evaluate dynamically generated assets
  • Conduct user testing as required. This will help you to identify any accessibility problems real–world users may have

Maintaining website accessibility is an ongoing responsibility. You need to plan how your level of accessibility is to be maintained after launch, as your website develops and grows.

Testing tools

The W3C provide a complete list of web accessibility evaluation tools that can facilitate the testing process. In addition to these the following techniques can greatly aid accessibility testing: