Legal notice

This notice will give information about the website content and how visitors are permitted to use it. The ‘Legal’ notice should be linked off every page. This will need to be consistent with the legal and regulatory requirements in the relevant territory.

Residence and which websites are covered

Many web visitors will navigate across multiple Aviva websites, so it should be explicit who the website is for, what laws the website is governed by, and what constitutes the “website”.

Aviva wishes to protect its own material including web site content, and discourage large–scale copying of Aviva content. To achieve this, it is important to lay out the precise conditions that our website material can be viewed, copied, printed and distributed.

Our policy is that material published on our websites may not be used, sold, licensed, copied or reproduced for commercial purposes . Include a statement regarding permitted non–commercial use such as:“You are permitted to access and use this site for personal, non–commercial use only. You may not access or use this site for any commercial purposes or otherwise exploit, extract, publish, distribute, or reproduce any part of this site for any commercial purpose.”

Any other proposed use requires our prior written authorisation

It is important that users do not confuse any websites that are unconnected with Aviva as being official Aviva websites. It should be clear that Aviva owns the content, imagery, logo and trademarks.

Our legal information should refer to our corporate trademarks and state that these are registered trademarks for Aviva. Use of these marks requires express permission, and a license agreement with us.

A statement that all third–party brand, product, service and company names contained on the site are the trademarks, service marks and trade names of their respective holders should also be included. (Aviva does not give permission for their use by any other person. Any such use may constitute an infringement of the holder’s rights).

Unless otherwise stated, third parties (eg. business partners, customers, suppliers, associates) who publish their content on our websites retain full copyright ownership of their material.

Where users uploading content are granting copyright of that content to Aviva (eg. within user generated content), that should be explicitly stated.

Provide contact details to allow people to report any copyright infringements of their material and outline what information they need to supply (eg. description, location, contact details etc.)


Any copyright information for licensed third–party content used on the Aviva site should be included here.

Professional advice

It should be clear that opinions and information on the website does not constitute professional, legal or financial advice. To obtain such services, direct visitors to consult with an Aviva professional (in the relevant area) or an Independent Financial Adviser.

General disclaimer about website performance and accuracy

There should be a legal disclaimer that, while best efforts are made to ensure that the website is accurate and functions properly, we are not liable for any faults in website information or performance.

It should also be explicit that we are not liable for any consequential damages from the use of the website.

Information or data provided by third parties should have its own disclaimer.

Products and services

Any products and services that are mentioned on the website may be restricted in certain jurisdictions and may not be available in different countries. It should be clear what local laws or regulations are applicable and where they are available.

The legal information should guide users to product–specific legal disclaimers if they exist.

It’s important to note that local regulations, such as disclosing risks associated with products and services, could differ from country to country. If appropriate, any differences associated with products and services offered in different countries should be explained.

If information about products or services are mentioned on the website (eg. within a product catalog), it should be clear that the document is for planning purposes only and doesn’t constitute an offer to sell.

User submissions and conduct

User submissions may be in the form of message board postings, videos, tools, ideas, suggestions, concepts, unsolicited suggestions, or any other material that a user has submitted to the website.

User submissions or posts are considered non–confidential and non–proprietary. Inform users that they are granting Aviva an unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute those materials or information, and that by submitting data they also agree that Aviva are free to use any ideas, concepts, know–how or techniques for any purpose.

State that users shouldn’t submit any unlawful (including anything that infringes intellectual property rights), threatening, obscene, libellous or otherwise offensive content on or through this website.

Any areas of the website that involves user generated content (eg. bulletin boards) will also require their own separate detailed legal notices.

Aviva provides links to external websites for the convenience of its web visitors, but it should be clear that this does not constitute an endorsement or an approval of any product, service, policy or opinion of the organisation or individual. Aviva is not liable for the content found on these third–party sites.

When thinking about our dealings with external websites, a good rule of thumb to follow is to apply the same restrictions that we ourselves impose on external websites who link to or use our content.

.We do not supply reciprocal links to outside websites solely because they have linked to us.

Include a statement saying that permission to link to the Aviva website should be obtained in advance and provide information on how this can be done. Aviva reserves the right to request removal of any links to our website. In the UK, the point of contact will be

The Aviva logo must not be used as a means to link to our website without formal licensing agreement. Do not use framing of Aviva content without specific consent. Do not use links that bypass pages containing the entity copyright, legal disclaimer and online policy statement.

Changes to this policy

It is good practice to state that these policies may change substantially in the future without notice. Users are usually advised to refer back regularly, so it is useful to include a “last updated” date–stamp.

Termination of use

We have the right to deny users access to the site or any part of it without notice.


Include the clause that if a court or a regulator finds any provision of these terms and conditions to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remaining provisions shall continue to apply.


Provide a contact so that people can report any inaccuracies on the website or any suggestions on how the content can be improved. For ease, queries about particular products and services should be directed to the appropriate product and services web pages.

Company and registration details

There is a legal requirement within certain markets for all registered companies to display certain details when appropriate (for example, registration number, trading name, VAT number, geographical address, trading memberships). A list of all companies who have a presence on the website should be provided. In the UK this forms part of the “Legal” notice.