Performance and optimisation


All Aviva web pages must be tested for their total page weight and to produce a page performance score.

Total page weight

The total amount of downloaded data from the initial page request until the loaded page is completed and stable with no ongoing downloads. This does not include any further data loaded as a result of user action / event eg mouseover, onclick, etc) and should not include compression such as gzip.

Page performance score

All pages must be tested using Google PageSpeed).

Page weight and performances targets

  • All pages should have a maximum page weight of 500KB and have a minimum performance score of 70. This target is based upon the following assumptions for each page component:

    • HTML – 50KB
    • CSS – 100KB
    • JavaScript – 250KB
    • Images (Inline and background) – 100KB

    These figures are only for guidance and do not need to be followed exactly. The balance of page weight over components should always be appropriate to the content of the page.

  • If a page is over the 500KB total page weight target then the page should have a minimum performance score of 80.

  • All pages must have a page weight of no more than 1MB. Exceptions to this rule are only acceptable if a justification can be provided to show that the page weight is unavoidable to provide the necessary user experience.


Performance and optimisation advice

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