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General reading

The following links are general information on responsive design:

Responsive tables

A summary of the current solutions available for tables:

A summary of the current solutions available for navigation:

Things to consider

Although I previously stated that you should focus on the devices identified in the MI for the pages/site being developed; you should test on as many devices, and almost as importantly OS‘s (which we‘ve not really focused on), as you can get your hands on – and there are clever ways to make this simpler.

  • Setting up what has been dubbed a ‘Device lab’ – with a range of devices and OS‘s.
  • Making use of used devices and cheaper alternatives ie iPod touch rather than an iPhone – for example a used 3rd gen iPod touch is the same as a iPhone 3GS but nearly half the price of a 3GS.

Here are a couple of links which talk about setting up a device lab and the sort of devices that can be used http://bradfrostweb.com/blog/mobile/test-on-real-mobile-devices-without-breaking-the-bank/ and http://mobile.smashingmagazine.com/2012/09/24/establishing-an-open-device-lab/

However, with a large amount of devices, checking on one at a time seems pretty impractical. There are solutions like Adobe Edge or similar free tools (http://viljamis.com/blog/2012/remote-preview/) that allow you to push to all your devices simultaneously from your desktop. So you can load the same page on all of your devices in one go.

And using Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign site as an example – here is take on what happens if you don‘t test on sufficient devices – http://stephanierieger.com/a-plea-for-progressive-enhancement/